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Stories can change things

A collection of patient narratives, patient stories, and family caregiver accounts has been assembled to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the experiences of those on the other side of this journey.

The influence of patience in encounters.

The collection and analysis of narratives from patients and caregivers is a key aspect of our research. These narratives are gathered through a process of communal involvement and deliberate dialogues. The narratives themselves are then subjected to a rigorous examination, with the aim of identifying the principal concerns and motifs that emerge from them. This objective analysis allows us to discern the objectives for transformation from the standpoint of the patient. Finally, the narratives are used as a basis for collaborative creation, in which we work with the healthcare fraternity to devise enhancements. Advocate for the proposed modifications to regulations, procedures, and education.
Effect: Assess the alterations against benchmarks to comprehend the ramifications.